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xiaomi r1
Situated in the capital city of China, Beijing, the world’s 5th largest smart phone selling company, Xiaomi Inc. has launched it’s latest smart phone model on February 10, 2018. Recent in the electronics market, Xiaomi R1 is creating a havoc within the users due to the perfect blending of modernity and vintage styles of technology[...]
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Samsung Galaxy s9

samsung galaxy s9
Samsung, the world’s largest electronics good producer company and people’s first choice brand is all set to release it’s next Galaxy set on February 2018. Galaxy S9 mini is expected top be out in the market towards the end of this month, however the date has not yet been declared officially by the marketing department[...]
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Oppo R13

oppo r13
Though recently recognized in the electronics and digital world, Oppo Electronics Corp. is gaining on the other smart phone brands all over the world. It is a Chinese based electronic products company that has excelled in its brilliancy and it’s product has got a refined finished even though it is new in the market. The[...]
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Apple iphone x plus

apple iphone x plus
Coming from the prestigious electronics company, Apple iphone X plus is going to create a milestone in the company’s history. It seems that the decrease in the sales of iphones has triggered the efficiency and ideas pf the Apple engineers and they have finally decided to boost up their products, releasing the newest and the[...]
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