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Nvidia Volta

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NVIDIA VOLTA Release Date and Performance

The next generation GPU architecture to come out of the GeForce stable, but we here there is the difference in the Nvidia Volta technology compare to older generation GPU. The GPU will be performing an unbeatable performance than its elder siblings. The New NVIDIA VOLTA GPU will be an Inherit to Pascal gaming crown. Well, the latest GPU will be having a better star rating with its performance and the technological drought shows some signs of abating. If the same kind of performance can be given by the latest Nvidia Volta this will be going a best GPU processor, the new tech is going to be a little bit special.

This is the best graphics card, which has been latest technology implemented as of now. The manufactures of this GPU are been testing this device as of now. They will be releasing soon once the makers of the Nvidia Volta will know about this bug issues and other hardware related issues. The gaming fans are looking forward to getting this GPU. Stay tuned with us for more information about this Nvidia Volta.

Stats of Nvidia Volte release date:

The New Nvidia Volte will be expected to release in mid-2018, this will be same as the earlier Volta-based gaming cards. The manufacturer will be launching the mid of the year only and it will not in the Q2 ending as speculated earlier. The pricing of the Nvidia Volte has not been released, if you can’t wait try 3000$ Titian V.

Specifications of Nvidia Volte:

Going through its specifications and hardware configuration there will be Tesla V100 – uses TSMC’s 12nm FinFET design and equipped full GV100 GPU has 5,736 CUDA cores. Imagine a GTX 2080 TI with this GPU.

Pricing of Nvidia Volta:

The price of the Nvidia Volta is expected to be $699 for the GTX 2080? And it will not beyond that as per the spokesperson information. Don’t expect this to be the final price as it would be more or less same.

Performance of Nvidia Volte:

We are not yet commenting on the performance of latest GPU Nvidia Volte, as we are eagerly waiting for our figures on this new GPU. We are expecting that this GPU will be performing well in real time with the efficiency and better with DX12 and Vulkan.

The Nvidia Volta graphics architecture is the great performer in GPU category, the GPU will be an ultra-expensive processor of its competitor by keeping its performance on the mark. The big thing about this GPU is it’s coming out of the Green teams GPU skunkworks and has had its first professional way. The Volta has the silicon successor to Pascal generation of graphics cars, the generation which brought the GTX 1080 Ti and Titan XP, and now its gearing up to deliver the GTX 1070 Ti soon.

But we need to see if it could be offered same boost performance like the Nvidia impressive last generation graphics silicon. If the gaming performance of the new Nvidia Volta GPU we will end up by seeing in our PCs in next year providing like the performance delta the first Tesla V100 silicon. The GPU will be the last generation of the professional Pascal card then we are in for a treat, so let’s wait and see the how the next generation GPU will performing in the coming days. The Volta is the pro space, is out-performing Pascal by 132% more.

The announcement of Nvidia Volta:

This is will be arising in everybody’s mind about the release date of the upcoming Nvidia Volta architecture. When is it going to be launched? Nvidia is been relatively tight-lipped about this, apart from the appearing on oft-changing GPU roadmaps, but we are not specifically stating about the technology, whether it will implicit or specific.

Though we can expect this in Mid-2018 probably the most speculations are going on the release date. The consumer version of the Volta GPU will be performing well in real time as compared to the previous generations. We have some thoughts on the new Nvidia Volta, which it could be launching something at GDC this year, but our sources within the Green Team confirm us that they are categorically not going to launching a new GPU in the month of March this year. Nor even they are launching anything related to gaming at GTC a week later also. That’s all we know from our sources, just by going deep learning.

About Titan V

However, the launch of the very first desktop spin of the Volta graphics architecture has got launched in the year 2017 ending. The Nvidia Titian V is the only thing, which is very slightly cut down version of the Tesla V100 card, which is using the same 51200 CUDA, but with less memory and much lower memory bandwidth. Considering the amount of computational power available in the new card the Titan V the 3000$ price tag will actually look pretty reasonable for a pro level GPU. For a gaming lover, we don’t expect this will not cost much for them.

Nvidia Volta Specifications on the board

There are many roomers are going around, just what transistor lithography Nvidia will be jamming into their next generation Volta graphics card. The card will be coming from the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) the model will be containing a 12nm Volta GPU, having a previously dallied with Samsung for their 14nm GP107 silicon.

For more detailed information about the new NVidia Volta, we need to wait for more time may be till the mid-2018. The price details are been mentioned here are more or less as expected with their early launches.  As of now, we have provided the detailed information regarding the Nvidia Volta and its specifications. Stay tuned with us to get more details soon here.


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