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Lenovo Smart Display

lenovo smart display

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Lenovo Smart Display with Google Assistant

The Lenovo Smart Display is one of the best screens out in the market which is equipped with Google Assistant out of the Box. On the Launching of Lenovo Smart Display at CES 2018, Lenovo’s smart display is eye-catching in the CES event. There are other displayed at the CES event, LG, Sony and JBL with featuring Lenovo Smart Display. The Lenovo Smart Display will be having an 8 inch or 10-inch screen, which will be priced around $200 and $250 respectively. The Smart Display of Lenovo would be launching in this summer season. But there is no particular date given for the availability in oversees.

The Lenovo Smart Display will be able to handle the voice commands, as we have seen some other devices live Amazon Echo, Google device etc. with this device you can control all your home devices with a command. You can search of the internet, ask for directions or check your calendar for your daily programs. There are many more features available in Lenovo Smart Display which you need to know. Like we have seen the Amazons assistant Alexa built-in, the Lenovo Smart Display will be using a Google Digital Assistant, which is more or less called as Google Assistant. As the Google Assistant has gained a lot of popularity for its voice assistance and navigation system over the last years rivals like Alexa in terms of capabilities.

Lenovo has the main features of Google Assistant as the main support. Whereas Alexa will be still on its third-party devices with a greater variety. If Lenovo stands with the Google and works out well with this Smart Display, then Lenovo will be the best device in the market. As the growing competition in the market, there are many devices hitting to get customers to use their device. Here same Lenovo Smart Display has arrived to gain good public response, but it’s not only about the Smart Display on Lenovo. We need to check other aspects of impressive hardware and also the sound quality to stand out from the growing crowd.

Overview of Lenovo Smart Display

Lenovo’s Smart Display will help the company to gain popularity. The Gray 8-inch version and the Bamboo-colored 10-inch displays will look more beautiful and blend into your home decor. Also, you can use both the device either Horizontally or Vertically depending upon your usage. Both the Smart Displays will be featuring 10-Watt speakers with a 5MP camera for Video calls and it has a powerful Qualcomm processor particularly designed for the Googles Smart displays. So Lenovo hardware looks to the challenge to other smart display company’s.

Initially Impressions on Lenovo Smart Display:

During CES 2018 hands-on demo, the Lenovo screen looked good in action. A Google rep pulled up a live feed from a Nest Cam, sent directions to the phone assisting, made a video call to the person through the Google Duo and some other commands which we have tested during the initial hands-on, and all of them are working quite well and perfectly without any problem. As the Lenovo Smart Glass will be working on Google Assistant, so the major apps in the smart display will be google pre-installed apps. So the Lenovo Smart Display is capable of handling the voice commands and assist us with our daily programs without any issues. All thanks to Lenovo and Google for this best Smart Display. Not only voice assistance features, but also Lenovo has given some extra touches to help with the privacy of Smart Glass. The Menu button of the Smart Glass was expected as all Google home smart speakers. The Lenovo cam which is present on Smart Display has physical shutter you can slide over it and take an overview of complete background.

If you have thoughts of making any kind of network calls using Lenovo Smart Display, then Stop thinking about that, you won’t be able to make any kind of ordinary calls yet. That ability is still reserved for Googles first party smart speakers, as the Google rep assured us that the company is working to roll out to their partners.

Tablet or Smart Display?

The Lenovo Smart Display is carrying an 8 inch and 10-inch display, where previously tablets screens used to be. But they aren’t called as tablets, Lenovo Smart Display is the Google Assistant powered voice assistant. Lenovo Smart Display are neither running on any android version, but a simple operating system which is particularly made to operate the Smart Display. Though the Operating System present in Smart Display will be called as Android. The Home screen of Lenovo Display will be showing you with upcoming appointments and any music you’re playing. This is a great device available in the market at this price range.

The verdict on Lenovo Smart Display:

As the Google Assistant will be controlling your home controlled devices you can easily assist anything with your voice commands. As far as initial hands-on with Lenovo Smart Display we have a great experience and good viewing angles of the display. As you can’t make any normal calls, you can’t take this as a phone. The Sound quality also is very good coming out from this device. So if your requirements meet with this Lenovo Smart Glass then defiantly you can give a try to this device. For more latest updates about the Lenovo Smart Display, you can check here.


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