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Intel smart glasses

Intel smart glasses

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Intel Launched Smart Glasses, that look like Normal Glasses

Intel has recently launched its New Smart Glasses that will look like a normal glasses. As there is no camera in it so don’t creep people out. As of now there is no button to push, no gestures area to swipe, nor any glowing LCD screen, else no weird arm floating in front of the lens, neither speaker or a microphone as present. This is only a normal glass. But when you wear this Smart Glasses, you can see the information, that looks like presenting in front of you. Actually, the display will project the information onto your retina.

There are similar types of smart glasses which are available in the market have been used by us. And that was virtually awkward from the regular glasses we wear. This glasses will come in a different style, work with prescriptions and can also be worn comfortably all the day without any issues. Apart from a tiny red glimmer, which is present on the right lens will be occasionally visible. And people around you might not even notice that you’re wearing smart glasses. Just like Google Glasses did five years ago, but the intel goals are different than googles. As they are trying to change the head-worn display to fit our lives.

Earlier, Google Glass and the Glassholes who came with the same concept of making the head-worn display have become a bad reputation. While the HoloLens is aiming for full, high-end AR experience which will give you the complete experience of Windows PC on your head. On the other side, Magic Leap puts an entire computer on your hip, plus its headset of goggles that look like they belong in a Vin Diesel movie isn’t that amazing wearing the headwear. So the coming generations are about the Smart Glasses.

In reality, we are living in a world where our watches turned to be LTE and our phones have turned our faces into bouncing cartoon characters in real time. You would expect a successful pair of smart glasses to provide similar wonders these days.

Using the Intel Smart Glass:

While using the intel smart glasses they look like slightly chunky, plastic-framed glasses, with a little bit more polish. We could never observe the difference of normal glass and the smart glasses until we use them in real time. Though there are two versions in Intel’s new devices group (NDG) San Francisco offices, Intel has to have many different styles available to launch very soon. When we look at types of new devices launching, Head Worn Products are getting be launched soon says Itai Vonshak, from the head of products NDG. Head-worn products are heard because people assign a lot of attributes to put something on their head. It’s not like a bad way, headwear is all about their personality, so it depends on their personality about wearing the Headwear.

Vonshak’s politic way of saying that the other glasses look terrible, so their goal was to create something different that has ability puts over and over again with zero social cost. So we tried to make sure if somebody puts this on and gets value without getting any negative impact of technology on their head Vonshak’s say. “Everything from the ground up is designed to make the technology disappear”.

The Vaunt teams primary design goals is to create a pair of smart glasses you could wear all day. The Smart Glasses should be “Super-lite” and they should be weighed in under 50 grams. But still than most of the eyeglasses out in the market are having a noticeable margin, although the Google Glass added an extra 33 grams on top of whatever pair you were wearing. But anything more you are wearing it will be uncomfortable. However, the electronics and batteries had to be placed, so they didn’t put too much weight the smart glass on either your nose or your ears. They just look like normal glasses, they had the sense to feel like them. That’s why the electronics in Vaunt sit inside two little modules built into the stems of eyeglasses. Though the electronics are entirely located up near the face of the frames, which will rest of stems and even frame itself, can flex a little, just like any other regular pair of glasses. There are other smart glasses have batteries that are integrated into the entire stem, which will be very rigid and do not deform to adjust to your head size. So it is very important when you look at your eyewear that it deforms along its entire length to fit your head and it suits your personality.

Final Lines about Intel Smart Glasses

This is really intelesting improve display and also hardware isn’t much without software, and Intel is also not ready to share any details about the software yet. But NDGs executives are happy to discuss the obvious stuff, it will offload most of the work to your phone, just like a smartwatch or even like a Fitbit does for you. The Intel Smart Glasses will support some apps, which will work both on iPhones and Android phones, and also Intel will be providing some features like voice assistants at some point. There are more intelesting points to be known about the Intel Smart Glass along with its arrivals.


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