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HTC vive pro

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HTC Vive PRO Release Date and Specifications

In recent years we have seen a lot of VR heading with Lenovo to MI headset and also the barded Samsung also has their own VR headset on the market. Now in the list, the HTC also joined with their upcoming New HTC Vive PRO heading from Vive.

While we have been tested numerous VR Kits, which are available in the market but now it’s time to look at the new Vive. The HTC Vive is a great piece, which is a great value for money. As far as its build concern, it’s made up of a strong solid build and lightweight. The detailed information about the HTC Vive PRO will be given here about its release date, specifications, and hardware performance. Also, let’s look whether it will give any competition for its rivals.

Since we won’t comment on the release date of the HTC Vive Pro as there are a lot of speculations going around in online. As of now, the company has not been announced anything related to the launch date of HTC Vive Pro. But it’s really good time for HTC that they are launching the New HTC Vive Pro this year. It’s not quite a Vive 2.0, but rather we can expect some major improvements that mainly focuses solely on the headset itself. The question which we always get from our viewers that, is it worth of upgrading to HTC Vive Pro? if they already using HTC Vive. If your keen to know about this, then follow our in-depth review about the Vive Pro then you can have a final verdict. Before that check the performance and build of the New Vive PRO.

Overview Of HTC Vive PRO.

While using the Vive Pro, we see that it’s completely compatible with the original Vive Hardware. So if you have already a bit of Vive Sensors and hidden all those cables away neatly. Don’t worry you can still use all of them with your New Vive Pro without unplugging anything. The same thing will go with the original controllers also, so here we can’t see any kind of major upgrade from the earlier version of HTC Vive. Though the major upgrade has not done a few things have been made in the New HTC Vive PRO. Thus, HTC is making its customers to purchase the HTC Vive Pro bundling with sensors and controllers or by just naming this with PRO handset with an existing setup. As compared to the earlier version of the HTC Vive Pro there is no major changes have been made.

HTC Vive Pro Market Price and Announcement:

HTC Vive Pro has not been confirmed yet nor there are any signs of its availability in the market. As we said we are not commenting on the announcement of the HTC Vive Pro. But we will soon post the HTC Vive official release date. But looking to its speculations and announcement dates we can expect it would be launching within few months.

We are seeing one kit that bundles all the required hardware of Vive and another one kit that only includes the updated headset and link box. While have already stated that there will be a new Vive Pro into market geared towards prosumers. So it will be more expensive than the previous consumer model.

When it comes to the pricing details of the HTC Vive it will costs around $599, so HTC Vive Pro will be costing around $799 more or less the price will be equal to this. As there are slight improvements in the Vive pro, they might be selling this one for a bit higher price.

Vive PRO Design:

When we look into Vive Pro Design it has improved fit and comfort that its earlier generation VR. Also, the headset carries headphones and it will be compatible with previous Vive hardware. When you first see the Vive pro, you will see the improved color and premium design. The Original Vive was a grey-black combo, while the New Vive Pro has opted to Navy blue shade instead. It gives a premium feel and nice looks from the external.

The final verdict of the HTC Vive Pro:

The HTC Vive Pro is a welcoming update compared to earlier HTC Vive. As the New Vive Pro has got an improved resolution and more comfortable fit and coming to its hardware it is compatible with its earlier generation Vive hardware and Vive Pro has an inbuilt headphone with it. Not as roomers said it’s not a Vive 2.0, but its certainly a step forward and it’s in the right direction. So it’s not worth to upgrade if you have already had the HTC Vive. We recommend to wait and see for some more VR headsets in the market which will consistently give more results. As HTC Vive Pro is a bit expensive so before you check out this product from your cart. Choose any alternative and compare both if you really need a good VR headset.

Pros of HTC Vive Pro

  • Smoother VR experience got updated from its earlier version.
  • It’s much comfortable to wear and feels more premium.
  • It has inbuilt headphones.
  • Vive Pro is compatible with existing Vive Hardware.
  • Change in color and good design.

Cons of HTC Vive Pro:

  • But Expensive than the Vive.
  • Has some similarities in Vive PRO and Vive, along with some new features?
  • Not worth to upgrade if you already have Vive.


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