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DJI Mavic Pro

DJI mavic pro fly more bundle

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DJI Mavic Pro Review

In recent launch of the DJI Mavic Air and the DJI Spark, the Mavic Pro also got launched earlier than those two devices. The DJI Mavic Pro will be possessing the smallest camera-equipped with a quadcopter in DJI’s drone line-up. The Chinese company is the best known for make the Phantom range of affordable and an easy flying drones and the Mavic Pro has been designed to offer the best of the same benefits by giving the good competition to its competitors.

To take all the benefits of getting a decent flight time, long-range remote control, a live video feed of the drone’s viewpoint beamed to your smartphone and got a stable 4k video recording. Also will come with the more easily portable package. Users will get a viewing point of this drone and will get a good experience of using the DJI Mavic Pro. The Chinese makers have well developed this device according to the user’s perspective view. The device will be available in following models.

  • Base version.
  • Fly More Bundle.
  • Deluxe Bundle.
  • Starter Bundle.

Depending on your usage and requirement, users can buy this DJI Mavic Pro Drone. Compare to another drone this has special features and best in pricing leaving its competitors behind. The samples coming out from this Drone looks very fantastic, which will be very satisfying and good experience.

The DJI Mavic Pro is priced at $500 based on the model price will be more or less will be equal to it. As we see the weight of this device is 743gms and when we folded down, the measures will be only 83*83*198mm it will be more compact to take and carry with you, wherever you want to go with this DJI Mavic Pro. The device is very compact it will easily slip into a small bag. The batteries come with this drone will be delivering around 27 minutes of flight per charge, also it has a compact remote controller which will work in tandem with your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.

DJI has also released another version which is known as the updated model of the Mavic Pro, the Mavic PRO Platinum. This latest updated Mavic Pro Platinum has got 60% better rotors and flight time of 30 minutes of battery backup. The review will be out soon here after testing here we will give in-depth details of this new device DJI Mavic PRO Platinum. Stay tuned for more updates about this Mavic PRO Platinum drone.

DJI Mavic Pro Design

Coming to the design aspect of the New DJI Mavic Pro it will be having flown drones from the Phantom range extensively. We are considered to be the impressively compact and a lightweight for their capabilities. We are really impressed with the performance of the DJI Mavic Pro and the Mavic pro is whole different league when it comes to portability. You can carry this drone anywhere just folding and keeping a bag. When we have received this device we didn’t expect it will be so small looking like a shoe packing box size. The box itself containing a Plus quadcopter, a controller and a battery charger within a tiny box, really shocking for us.

Features of DJI Mavic Pro

The camera of DJI Mavic Pro will be very tiny and fairly powerful on paper and they will have 1 /2.3 inch sensor, which can capture 12MP stills in JPEG or DNG RAW format, as well as video at a variety of resolutions output and frame of DJI Mavic Pro, will be following frame rates 4k recording at 30FPS or 1080p recordings up to 96FPS. The camera got mounted on a tiny motorized gimbal, which will be having the combination of the drone’s suite of sensors is able to make near instant and adjustments to keep itself level at all times. You can also try it in the POV mode where it will tilt and turns along with the drone.

DJI Base Version Configuration:

The DJI Mavic Pro folds down as small as a bottle of water and making it small enough and handy.

New OcuSync transmission system as adopted and offers up to 4.3 miles, which is around 7 km of transmission range. This drone can fly up 64kmh (40mph) or as long as 27 minutes of battery charge.

The Active Track and TapFly and other smart feature will be coming in this base version of DJI Mavic Pro drone and the video recording will be effortless and can record the 4K, fully stabilized which ensures the smooth footage.

DJI Mavic PRO Deluxe Bundle

The Deluxe version will be offering the same feature as the base version and containing some additional features like DJI Mavic battery Intelligent Flight battery, Charging Hub.

DJI Mavic PRO FLY More Bundle.

Here you will be offered with the Mavic PRO Original package with 2 Extra Batteries, 2 Extra propellers, 1 Charging hug, 1 Car Charger, 1 battery to power bank adaptor and a shoulder bag. All this accessory will be bundled along with the DJI Mavic PRO FLY More Bundle. The other features of the DJI Mavi Pro will be same as the base version.

The verdict on DJI Mavi Pro:

If you’re looking for a flying camera which doesn’t compromise on battery life, flying agility and image quality and at the best price range. Then this will be the best device for you to buy. For more related information, you can check our site regularly for updates related to DJI Mavic Pro.



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