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Apple Watch Series 3 Review The apple watch series 3 is the current trendy watch to own if your budget indeed permits you to have possession of one such splendid wristwatch. A timekeeping machine can be as simple to keep track of time and can be as modern and techno-friendly which can get you a mini gadget tied around your wrist. This is what precisely an apple watch offers you, not as a timepiece but a perfect package of technology tuned up with the timekeeping aspect to make your life easier.

Those days Gone  are when a watch was just used for keeping track of time, an apple watch offers you many things ranging from data to your health activity to connect you with the high tech world. Here are few things that you need to know about the apple series 3 watch. Designing Talking about the apple watch series 3, it doesn’t have much difference in comparison to the series 2 apple watches, but surely you can get to see a new collection of color blends and hues for the apple 3 watches. Apart from the color variants, you can also get the perfect dark grey ceramic finishes which are an added-on feature to the new series of Apple watches.

You can get some new options for the straps, but the lines are similar to the previous series. The simplicity and classy factor of these watches make it a distinguished one to stand high amidst the crowd of different watch brands, and these small incremental changes tend to bring more newness to the collection of the new series. The dial is in the shape of a digital crown and on the side is a red colour motif which is not very convincing but yet differentiating. This stands as a bright stud at the side and is a shiny little piece embossed on the side of the digital crown.

The straps In comparison to the previous series of Apple watch, choosing an apple 3 series gets you some new variants for the straps. Apart from the types of straps to choose from, you are also open to few new colours of straps that you can get in these watches. If you just overlook the price constraint, the apple watch straps are the best straps that you can have in possession. The leather straps and the sports band are capable enough of adding some charm to your wrist. So the apple 3 watches comes with some cool strap stuff that you can flaunt among your friends with the brand tag. Health and fitness tracker As we all know the apple watch series 2 was well focused on the health and fitness aspect and the same continues in the third series but with some more improvised elements. The health and fitness tracker is now fledged with few more new activities and exercises to let the apple watch users be more strict and sticking to the exercising factor. Battery life According to reviewers, the new phone comes with better battery life in comparison to the previous series and has the capacity of 279mAh which is almost about a 4% hike to the previous apple watches.

Connectivity constraint The apple watch new series comes along with better and improved constraints regarding battery life, GPs and the waterproof factor. The most appealing factor is the cellular connectivity it offers along with this complete package. We have switched to data connection on our mobile phones long back which was earlier confined only to your laptops and CPU’s but what could be better if you get the same data connection on your watch? Surprised, right? But yes, it is a fact that now you can get this data connection on your wrist.

The world has moved far beyond from getting the data connection at the tip of your fingers to your wrist as well. The best part is that you can also get the cellular connectivity on your watch even when you are not carrying the companion I-phone along with you. So talking about the dependency, apple watch series 3 is a genuinely independent watch and can serve you in great ways. The inbuilt LTE and UMTS radio in the apple watch can quickly switch to the cellular connectivity constraint when you are not carrying your I-phone along and thus helps you in forwarding your important phone calls directly to your watch instead of your phone.

The companion phone constraint Apart from the cellular connectivity, it offers in the absence of your companion I-phone, it also allows you to access the I-phone assistant Siri, apple music, I messages, we chat and a lot more other features which are just impossible to access in any other watch. But using an apple series 3 watches gets you the advantage of using almost all your I-phone features on your Apple watch without the physical presence of the companion I phone. Pricing factor as the number count of the series increases, we are sure to predict that the cost will also hike up and the same number game prevails in the apple watch series 3. The branded watches having 4G features are comparatively costly to the former ones and can be an expensive edition to wear on your wrists. So the apple series 3 watches is apparently a smart watch to own when you already have an I-phone to be a would-be companion to your news apple series 3 wrist-watch. It is one of the best smart watches that you can buy in the market to have your timepiece timed up in style.

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