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Acer Swift 7

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Acer Swift 7 – Thinnest Computer in the World.

New Acer Swift 7 which carries an 8.98mm thicker. This is the thinnest laptop in the world. This year the Acer is kicking off with its new Acer Swift 7 by unveiling it CES 2018. The Ultra Skinny Swift 7 has the model number SF714-51, and it looks supremely sleek and also it is a futuristic with its 8.98mm thick.

Acer company has claimed that this laptop is the thinnest laptop in the world as of now. The New Acer Swift 7 will go on sale from April 2018 with the price starting at $1699. And the availability in Australia has yet to be confirmed but when we convert the UK price to AU $2765. Probably this is the best laptop which is carrying only 8.98mm thick and a stylish look. The Acer has not compromised with the build quality of the Acer Swift 7. This good-looking laptop features an all-black aluminum design with a 14-inch touchscreen with narrow bezels. The laptop will carry 4G LTE connectivity feature and its design integrates the antenna into the unibody chassis. As we see this laptop is all about the feature made with its thickness and premium build and connectivity option given by the manufacturer.

The Acer Swift 7 will be giving a lot of competition to its rivals, as the price range is a bit higher compared to its competitors but this laptop will catch an eye of all the viewers. As the older seventh-generation processor is a knock against it, mainly for this highly priced laptops. But for those who are looking to get premium and sleek laptop with less bezel on the screen. Defiantly this will be the best choice to buy the Acer Swift 7 laptop.

Specifications of Swift 7 laptop:

The New Acer Swift 7 will be possessing 7th generation Intel Core i7 processor. And have a 256 GB SSD storage as internal memory, with the help of SSD storage it laptop will work smoother and give a faster performance in long run. The Acer Swift 7 will be containing 8 GB LPDDR3 memory, as the ram management is at a high level. It proves that the laptop can handles the day to day task very easily and also can give good multitasking for hardcore users.

The Display size of Swift 7 is 14-inch with corning gorilla glass touchscreen with the picture resolution of 1920*1080 pixels per inch. The screen quilt has the good viewing angles at this price range and the pixels on this laptop will give good video playback. The keyboard has the backlit and the battery backup will go around 10 hours’ screen time. This is the best battery timing given by the Acer Swift 7 laptop. However, the additional features like windows hello compatible fingerprint reader are the main features of this laptop. If you’re looking for a premium laptop with good hardware configuration with touchscreen features. Then this will be the ideal laptop for you. More features of this will be unveiled soon hear, stay stunned with our site to get latest updates about Acer Swift 7. As it’s so early to comment on Acer Swift 7, so wait for our final review about the Acer Swift 7.

Pros of Acer Swift 7

  • The Laptop is much thinner and the company has claimed that its worlds record.
  • The Design of the laptop is very excellent; it catches everyone’s eye.
  • Regarding the connectivity issues, the laptop has a 4G LTE support.
  • 14-inch large display with less bezel
  • Touchscreen future to operate it without a keyboard.
  • Backlit has been arranged for the keyboard.
  • 7th Generation i7 processor and SSD hard disk.
  • 8 GB Ram for multi-tasking and hands daily tasks very effectively.

Cons of the Acer Swift 7 laptop

  • The older processor has been given at this price range.
  • The webcam has been inserted bottom.
  • Expensive than today models.


Our Verdict on Acer Swift 7 Laptop


Acer Swift 7 laptop will be releasing in the month of April 2018. As it’s the thinnest laptop in the world carrying an 8.98mm thickness. In Recent CES 2018, the Acer has unveiled its thinnest laptop along with other laptops. Acer will be catching an eye of the viewers for its build design and latest connectivity technology. Moreover, the laptop will be having a 14-inch touch display and backlit to the keyboard. The performance will be at best part with the help of Latest 7th generation i7 processor and SSD hard disk with the disk space of 256GB and 8GB Ram, which will be helpful in multitasking. Overall the Acer Swift 7 will be a good competitor for all other companies in the market. This is one of the best laptops, which we have seen in the CES 2018. Regarding the price, this is so expensive when compared to another laptop in the market. Leaving about the price details, this is the best laptop which we have in the market.

In few days we will be posting the in-depth review of this Acer Swift 7 laptop. As the company claimed that it will be launching in the month of April 2018. Regarding the performance of the laptop, we need to test the laptop. So to get more updates about the Acer Swift 7 laptop stay tuned with us and get all latest information and latest releases.

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